Our creative process
Touched by a brush art studio’s creative process is unique in the whole world.
How can we say that you ask?
Because it id the truth: -
1.) We make our own oil paints from the raw materials.
1.1) We create our unique paint using a recipe from the period of the high renaissance
1.2) This process involves using high quality bees wax (we are currently using refined bees wax which is over one hundred years old. His wax was originally purchased in London for cabinet making in the 1890’s) the result is a very high quality white oil paint which we then mix with our unique color pallets to produce, the vibrant colors and effects that you see in each of our paintings.
2.) We make our own canvas
2.1) having found that the commercial canvases on sale today are not of the superior quality that we require for our master pieces we began to make our own high quality canvases, from 100 cotton which we treat with a process that will make our paintings endure for hundreds of years with very little deteriaton , and no yellowing as is common with older paintings.
3.) we make our own gallery style frames
3.1) because our paintings have to travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles,the frame is only used for the painting and initial display purposes.  To protect the art work when a Touched by a brush painting is sent to a new owner is stored in a light weight, watertight postal container, to protect it the elements and damage and very often travel in the cargo holds of aircraft and by sea.  it is our intention that your valuable work of art arrives safely and in its original condition on delivery to our clients. Thus the painting id removed from the frame and packed with great care and with its certificate of authenticity.
Our standard charge for postage and packaging is $250.00.