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The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.


The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.

In the interest of promoting the Scots Gaelic language and culture we include for you a video the first ten of the very popular Speaking our language videos.

That those who wish to learn Gaelic might find it easier to access these great Gaelic resources.


We remember with muffled drum and muted pipes we remember.
For 271 Years we remember those fallen at Culloden moor in the cause of a free Scotland we remember
We remember those dispersed by the clearances removed for ever from the land of their birth.
By the greed of the landowners
We remember.

We remember Hope is not dead
Scotland will be free of the yoke and the boot of the oppressor upon its neck
Remember the fallen at Culloden moor and all other places where the forgotten fallen lay under earth and grass.

We remember now with rapid beating drum and the sound of the pipes calling the clans and the people of Scotland to rise up and be free
One nation ruled b her people one Nation of true brave Celtic heritage and tradition.
We remember those who have given their lives in the cause of Scotland’s Freedom and we cry free Scotland now
For the people of Scotland self-determination.
Today is 16 April 2017
The battlefield is silent the stones covered with moss the bones of the fallen covered by earth the grass grown over where few signs yet remain, but we remember
but we remember

Timothy Wood of Scottish descent Jacobite rebel
South Arica 16 April 2017


Let us paint you a symphony of color, a concerto of vibrancy a popular tune for all time; Painters like composers use a brush instead of a quill and ink, our score a broad canvas, we apply at first thinly layered color wash this is like a composer quickly sketching the outlines of a tune that has come into his head.

Then we apply the notes brush strokes that begin to fill in the detail, occasionally stepping back to observe how our symphony is grown and changing layer after layer is applied to bring out the detail, very much as a Mozart or Brahms would add notes to fill out the symphony they were painting with sound.

Finally when all is in place the paint is dry it is time to step back and admire our symphony of color in a similar manner the grand masters Like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms Schubert would anxiously await the first performance of their Great creations.

As Art is a thing to be lingered over and enjoyed like fine Red Wine which has matured over many years we will not do the following: -

1.) Overwhelm your senses with so many art works that your head will be left spinning and your accountant or book keeper wondering what has taken hold of your senses.

No we will present20 paintings each fortnight for you to enjoy and take your time to make up your mind.As we work in the style of the old masters we do not put brush to canvas until you are happy with what you want.

What we will do: -.

We will allow you the chance to make up your own mind, you are in control of which painting you want to purchase/ commission and this is not a decision to be taken lightly. .

You need to be happy with your individual master piece.

you will decide what the painting will be called as the first buyer of the painting you will be going down in posterity as the person who bought a Sarejess original.

This work of art is an investment and an heirloom that you can pass on to whoever you see fit at the end of your life.

Oil Paintings last hundreds of years and the painting you buy will become your family's precious inheritance.

Our Terms are as follows: -

Subject to the amount of works currently under commission your painting will be placed in line.

we will then endeavor to give you a product of quality and personal attention to detail by our master Artists who have over a hundred years of painting experience between them.

further due to the complexity of each individual painting there will be a waiting period as your master Piece is brought to perfection and completion, drying time is determined by the paint and oils alone and there is simple nothing that can be done to force the process, even the old masters were aware of this and did not rush the commission, as experience has proven a


As each individual painting is painted from scratch the time to completion varies between four weeks to 3 months depending on the complexity of the painting and the work already in progress. So like all things in life a little patience is required before you will get your master piece




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