WELCOME TO OUR LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD.The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.


The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.

Because our creations are so ascetically pleasing we would highly recommend that you listen to a little background music. That we have prepared for you while you take a walk around our Galleries (Kindly note that you will need shockwave or flash media player to listen to the music we have prepared for you.

Kindly pardon how our website looks "a bit like an artist's studio" but that is exactly what we are. - Artists who paint with passion, enthusiasm and lots of colour.

We paint for pleasure and we create oil paintings that take you away to those places you have always longed to visit we are not limited by the progression of time or space our imaginations are our greatest asset, they are wonderful are the greatest traveling machines that travel through time and space to bring to the blank canvas graphics that will awe you with their beauty, astonish you with their composition & blow you away with the vibrant colours we use,.

We are two Artists that have combined our unique talents to bring to you the Connoisseur of Fine Arts the best that we have to offer.

A happy union of two talented people whose artistic endeavours will delight you with the original style of our art & Oil Painting; painted by Masters of their craft who have spent their lives honing their creative ability - delivered to you at the height of their artistic ability and creative maturity - providing you with hours of viewing pleasure, a great conversation piece, an heirloom that will only appreciate in value and an aura of class that cannot be replicated or emulated.

We are thus both excited and proud to showcase the creative efforts of Shirley Yates and Timothy Wood; two artists who have come together to give to the world great artworks at affordable prices.

All of the works are originals - there are no copies. - When you buy a Sarejessian Gallery painting, you are buying an original. - State of the Art Original painted by professional Artists.

Painted on high quality stretched canvas with Top of the Range oil paints. Hours of attention to detail by the artists resulting in colours that literally sparkle like diamonds. Your Sarejess Original oil painting will give you a lifetime of pleasure, a treasure, an heirloom and an investment.

This is what makes a Sarejess oil painting unique, one of a kind. A Sarejess oil painting in your home or boardroom will amaze your friends and colleagues with your taste in fine art.

Traditionally, only the very wealthy and famous nations and people of the world have been able to own original, hand-painted Artworks crafted by Master Artists.


Let us paint you a symphony of colour, a concerto of vibrancy a popular tune for all time; Painters like composers use a brush instead of a quill and ink, our score a broad canvas, we apply at first thinly layered colour wash this is like a composer quickly sketching the outlines of a tune that has come into his head.

Then we apply the notes brush strokes that begin to fill in the detail, occasionally stepping back to observe how our symphony is grown and changing layer after layer is applied to bring out the detail, very much as a Mozart or Brahms would add notes to fill out the symphony they were painting with sound.

Finally when all is in place the paint is dry it is time to step back and admire our symphony of colour in a similar manner the grand masters Like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms Schubert would anxiously await the first performance of their Great creations.


As each individual painting is painted from scratch the time to completion varies between four weeks to 3 months depending on the complexity of the painting and the work already in progress. So like all things in life a little patience is required before you will get your master piece







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