At Sarejess we are passionate about art, we are also passionate about people. Art is subjective “simply we are all different we don’t all like the same thing.
In production is about the works that we are currently working on.During June & July we are working on Impressions of the Eastern Cape of South Africa our home province.
We are always happy to hear from you so please leave a comment or send us a message about what you think of our work.
In the meantime, we are looking for subject matter so please send us your suggestions and the images you would like to see reproduced in our unique style.

Producing a painting is a process of laying down various layers of paint over a period of time.

Essentially the under painting is a layer of paint that acts as the base for the rest of your painting.
Different colours determine the eventual outcome of the atmosphere of your painting.

Brown may seem like a dark colour for example but when used in the right way an under layer of brown, red and orange with a touch of yellow produce a vibrant light warm finish to the painting.
In the painting below titled angry Monday morning sky we have used green, yellow and brown to set the tones for the bright cityscape that you will see below the under painting.

.Here is what were working towards.

If look closely you will see that I have sketched the basic outline of the image on the canvas and the basic under layer is more or less the same colour as the eventual final painting will look like.
The next layer will be filling in the detail

You are going to have to wait for the paint to dry in the meantime, here is a short movie preview of some of the Eastern Cape Collection 2017 gallery which is not yet complete we are looking for submissions of faces of people from the Eastern Cape of South Africa that tell a story if you think that you have a face that tells a story please let us know or if you know of an Eastern Cape face that tells a story let us know.

The impressions of the Eastern Cape gallery depict the homes and life styles of the coastal and in land cities of the Eastern Cape in the current series of paintings we have focused on the cities of Port Elizabeth and the town of Port Alfred.
The paintings show the life, homes and work places of these old Eastern Cape towns and cities the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic cross section gives a good overview of what life is in the Eastern Cape.
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