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The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.

The SAREJESSIAN Art Gallery - Where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the paint.


Because our creations are so ascetically pleasing we would highly recommend that you listen to a little background music. That we have prepared for you while you take a walk around our Galleries (Kindly note that you will need shockwave or flash media player to listen to the music we have prepared for you.

Kindly pardon how our website looks "a bit like an artist's studio" but that is exactly what we are. - Artists who paint with passion, enthusiasm and lots of colour.

The Sarejess Art Studio / Gallery is an innovative Conceptual Virtual Art Studio that works on the following principles: -


That Timothy Wood "Tim" for short and never call him Sir. Because he will tell you that he has not been knighted by the queen and Sir was his late father. (An Artist who painted epic landscapes on people's minds & imaginations with words a story teller of Note.)

Creating High definition graphics on computers he creates images which are taken from nature and the South African landscape. From these Concepts he paints Stunning oil paintings.

The finished graphics are then given to Shirley Yates a professional Artist who then creates an exact and graphically correct reproduction of the computer graphic.

What is unique in this process is that the buyer of a Sarejess original oil painting is that they are in effect buying an original oil painting that will increase in value and as such is a major investment. It is like your grandchild one day saying "we own an original Van Gogh or Monett”. 

Old masters are owned by Nations and a very few rich and very lucky people. 
Owning a Sarejess Original is equivalent to this. Never duplicated always an original Sarejess oil Paintings are fresh.

However, this is only part of the process because as South Africans these artists are aware of the giving back to society principal that South Africa is so well known for and to this end two small children are currently receiving training in the art of drawing and painting. This is known as the Training Eyes & Hands program. 
Because keen observation for things around you is one of the most important facts in an Artist training, they are also being taught to be aware of their Surroundings and the fine arts of observation.

We thus are proud to present to you the works of these South African artists with 100 years of artistic skill between them and the very unique concept that is Sarejessian art. 
Having done the starving artist thing, we are not impressed and have finally found our niche where we are happy creating art that is original and fresh art that is aesthetically pleasing and which gives us great creative joy in creating.

CONTACTO: 084 996 5316

CONTACT: 084 996 5316

Email: Tim@sarejess.co.za
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