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Master Classes
Who said that you can't?

There is a perception that when faced with the challenge of creating something great and beautiful, that most people say I can't do that.
This perception had been placed there from past failures and a false perception based on nothing other than fear. Dear of failing again, humiliation and been mocked by one’s peers.

I say disperse with that false perception. This is not about been positive and having the knowledge that you will succeed when others have failed.

We all have the ability to create great beauty works of art that people will admire for centuries. We don't stand in the shadows of giants, we stand head and shoulders above the giants of the past. We are the old masters of tomorrow.

The student must always give deference to his teachers, however the student will one day be a teacher himself, and thus respect is due to the student id he masters his craft and takes his place with the giants of today.

The Touched by a Brush Art Studio
Inspired by a 3-year-old boy discovering sunsets, Beethoven's music and the example of the great heights a person can aspire to when inspired by passion and the rediscovery of a love for creating paintings.

God is passionate about creativity.
One the first day God created light (without light art cannot exist) 6 days later God stopped.
In those six days God created everything.
Each time God created something new the bible says and God saw that it was good.
On the 7th day God rested. Can you even begin to imagine how He felt on the 7th day laying down on his creation with how full of joy he must have been as hard pressed not to create something new.

It is quite remarkable that got the most part the men who created the great art of the world died in poverty.

These men that created epic images on board, canvas and various other materials never achieved a level of comfort and wealth which would have given them financial security, and thus for the most part I am pretty sure that a certain level of disappointment filled them as their ends drew closer a feeling despondency and a feeling of failure. Which must have been hard to bear.

Yet the irony of the thing is today people are in awe and inspired by these great works of beauty. The rich and powerful fight claw over claw to purchase and possess these works.