The Touched by a Brush Art Studio takes a holistic eco Green approach to the production of its artists works
We make our own oil paints from the raw materials.
With the exception of brushes the every other item used in the production of our art work is produced from raw materials including the paint which is made using a high renascence recipe.
1.1) We create our unique paint using a recipe from the period of the high renaissance
1.2) This process involves using high quality bees wax (we are currently using refined bees wax which is over one hundred years old. His wax was originally purchased in London for cabinet making in the 1890’s) the result is a very high quality white oil paint which we then mix with our unique color pallets to produce, the vibrant colors

Each of our paintings is produced by making a frame for the painting process on which using high quality cotton cloth we prepare a special mixture of gesso which we coat the front and the back of the cloth which is then left to dry before the painting can begin
The center of Port Elizabeth, the mundane made manifest in all its classic grandeur with neo gothic, classical and modern structures portrayed in the way that only an artistic eye can see.
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